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Tattered Angels Chalkboard Glimmer Mist


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Tattered Angels Chalkboard Glimmer Mist

Chalkboard Glimmer Mist, a Tattered Angels original product, is a quick and easy semi-opaque Glimmer Mist spray that delivers just a touch of glimmer in a fine mist to make all of your projects shine. This art medium will give you the same beautiful Glimmer as Glimmer Mist, yet the base will give you a semi-opaque finish that blends just like chalk. This is just like using art pastels or chalks! Use it to create a variety of transparencies and add depth to your projects. Glimmer Mist is suitable for scrapbooking and is water-based, archival safe, acid-free and non-toxic. It is safe for and adheres to all types of materials including paper, acrylic, metal and fabric.

Chalkboard Mist, like Glimmer Mist has glimmer in every mist. Chalkboard gets it name for it chalk or milk like consistency. While it may not allow you to paint, dry and write with chalk on every surface, it does work on walls. Simply mist to the color of your choice, paint with a foam or bristle paint brush until smooth, let dry and you create a chalkboard wall in just about any color. We suggest you try a small area just to make sure the wall texture will work for this application. Think of it like stain for your wall, so you will want to apply to a white or light surface painted wall.

  • 2 oz bottles