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Prima Queen Victoria (Crown Jewels Collection)


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Prima Queen Victoria (Crown Jewels Collection)

This collection includes flowers and accessories in a large embossed metal tin with metal clips on the side and acrylic window on top. The tin itself is great for present and future storage, but what is inside is what is really unique! In this tin comes one wonderfully glittered and sequined, beaded butterfly. You can see the veins in the wings, and it just shimmers! It is approximately 3" x 3". Yet another special aspect of this set is that the layering of the flowers is already done for you! These are not your ordinary paper flowers some feel like velvet. Your tin will come brand new and sealed with the paper belt around the tin.


  • 3 flowers (3 1/2" round at largest point) with 3 layers
  • 3 flowers with gem centers (2 1/2" round at largest point) with 3 layers
  • 3 flowers (1 1/2" round) with 2 layers
  • 2 different shades of black velvet ribbon (1 yard each)
  • 3 sprigs of fuzzy-type velvety leaves to match the beautiful layered flowers inside
  • 1 butterfly
  • 1 small bag of 9 extra clear gems
  • 1 Reusable tin and pins that keep the flowers in place on the foam.
  • The tin measures approximately 10" x 7" and is 1 1/2" deep.