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Copic Sketch Marker Colorless Blender

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Copic Sketch Marker Colorless Blender

The Colorless Blender’s alcohol-based solution is the base of all Copic inks. The Colorless Blender is actually an art tool on its own and should not be thought of as just a blending tool! In fact, the name 'Colorless Blender' may be misleading because the marker doesn't really blend colors as much as it moistens the marker dye so it can be manipulated. This clear solution lightens Copic inks by pushing color through the back of the paper. To the left you can see a list of other applications for the Colorless Blender.

Common Uses:

  • Adding highlights
  • Fading to white
  • Coloring transparent objects
  • Pre-soaking paper
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Adding texture & patterns
  • Blending colors together
  • Muting colors
  • Cleaning up edges